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In the face of ongoing global challenges over the past decade, the sustainability of Chinese medicine development has become increasingly important. We recognise the industry’s difficulties with supply chain, quality and professional development concerns. To address these issues and shape the industry’s future direction, we have carefully evaluated the present situation with support from esteemed research and education institutions such as the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the International Jing Fang Institute of the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, among others. With great pleasure, we announce the establishment of the UK Centre of Chinese Medicine. This independent, non-profit organisation aims to serve as a hub and impartial platform for promoting Chinese medicine and providing a foundation for collaboration and cooperation in diverse academic pursuits.


The centre is committed to a comprehensive, multilateral campaign to enhance the standard and reputation of Chinese medicine and explore the sustainability of the Chinese medicine industry in the UK and Europe. Our long-term vision is to amplify the social impact of Chinese medicine by strengthening its presence and impact, preserving public health and facilitating sustainable growth of the industry in the UK. To achieve this, we aim to establish good standards of education, clinical practice, and product quality in Chinese medicine, enhance the industry’s popularity among the general public, and gain legal recognition.


We are deeply committed to working with all stakeholders in this field. Therefore, we will not recruit individual members or set up clinics to compete with professional associations and clinics but rather support relevant collaboration projects. Our current tasks are supporting selected research projects, promoting high-quality teaching programs, disseminating research papers and book publications, organising conferences, and supporting characteristic disciplines and clinical observations and operations. We also plan to assist our partners in organising study trips overseas for practitioners to undertake clinical studies and other projects.


To ensure that the organisation maintains a consistent level of professionalism and unimpeachable credibility, we have established a professional advisory board to oversee the centre’s activities. Click here to view the Professional Advisory Committee.


We look forward to collaborating with you to promote the development of Chinese medicine in the UK and the rest of Europe.

CCMUK is an independent, not-for-profit, UK-based organisation created to support the development of high-standard Chinese medicine.

Research Projects

CCMUK & partners collaborate on research projects, as we firmly believe that research can uphold and improve the standpoint of Chinese medicine for the wider community:

A study protocol of a randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled feasibility trial


By Phoenix Medical, The University of Southampton, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine & other partners.

A study to determine whether oligomenorrhoea and amenorrhoea were appropriate as the primary outcome measures for the main study.


By Phoenix Medical, The University of Southampton, The University of Bournemouth & other partners.

Herbs have been shown to have antibacterial effects and there is some preliminary research suggesting that herbal treatment may be an effective option for RUTIs. This trial is the first step in this process and has been conducted in GP practices across Southampton, Hove and North London.


By The University of Southampton & other partners.

A growing body of research into the cultivation of Cistanche (Rou Cong Rong) to potentially benefit the global desertification crisis.


By The University of Oxford, Royal Botanic Kew Gardens, supported by Phoenix Medical & other partners.


CCMUK has a broad range of published works, from the research papers listed above to journals, books and blogs covering topics related to the industry of Chinese medicine.


CCMUK & partners offer a number of different opportunities for those pursuing knowledge and specialised education within the field of Chinese medicine. This includes, but is not limited to, the following options: degree courses, diploma courses, CPD courses, clinical observations, study trips, webinars and conferences.


The UK Centre of Chinese Medicine’s first annual conference takes place this year, between the 7th-8th October. Over two days, attendees will experience keynote speeches and hands-on workshops, led by industry experts and academic luminaries from the world of Chinese medicine. Clear a space in your calendar for one of 2023’s most unmissable TCM conferences.


Uk Centre Of Chinese Centre International Jingfang Institute of NUCM
Phoenix Academy of Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

“CCMUK represents an exciting step towards a future that anyone involved in Chinese medicine really wants to see – a future where our industry has the power it needs to help change lives for the better.”

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