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When and where does this take place?

The Chinese Medicine & Human Health Conference starts on Saturday 7th October 2023, at the Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE, and concludes on Sunday 8th October 2023.

What time does the event start?

Both days of the conference will start at 9am GMT.

Can you sum up the event?

The 2023 Chinese Medicine and Human Health Conference is an event where attendees can learn from knowledgeable industry stalwarts and participate in practical workshops, all centred around the theme of human health treatment within TCM.


Each keynote speaker session and workshop will be taken by an expert in that field, including representatives from Shanghai University of TCM, the Chinese Embassy, and world-renowned TCM practitioners.


You will be provided with tea and coffee breaks throughout the day, along with a hot lunch. Those who purchase a Gala Dinner ticket will also guarantee their spot for a gourmet 3-course feast on the first night.

How will i register on the day?

You will be presented with a personal lanyard as you arrive at The Royal Society of Medicine.

What’s included in the gala dinner?

The Gala Dinner features a stunning 3-course gourmet meal with a complimentary half-bottle of house wine. This is an exclusive opportunity to further expand your professional network with world renowned TCM experts from around the world.

What do i need to bring?

Anything to take notes with and anything to take notes on. As mentioned, we provide tea and coffee breaks and a hot lunch during the day.

Where will latest updates be posted?

Please check this page for regular updates relating to this event, or to be notified first of any updates, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.


Which speakers will be in attendance?

We will have a mix of speakers, each with significant experience in the world of Chinese medicine and practical workshops from specialists at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is their first time presenting in the UK, so this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

What knowledge can i expect to gain from this event?

This year the conference focuses on one specific topic: the relationship between Chinese Medicine and the treatment of human health. You can expect to gain significant knowledge about this field, but also knowledge on how to apply those teachings to your professional career.

How will i apply my knowledge from these speakers?

One of our co-sponsors, Phoenix Medical will provide a variety of products both to trial and to purchase during the event. These products will be used to put your learnings from each workshop into practice.


Where can i purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets on our website.

Purchase tickets here

What’s included in the full conference ticket package?

Access to the full two days of the conference, including access to exclusive speeches, workshops from expert keynote speakers and Gala Dinner entry.

Accommodation & Travel

What’s the closest station to the venue?

The closest station to the venue is Oxford Circus tube station. Bond Street station is within walking distance too.

How do i get to the venue, by car, train, plane etc?

You can travel to the venue by car or public transport in the form of buses and tube systems. If you are travelling by chartered plane, the nearest airport is London City Airport.

Is there accommodation nearby?

All of the below suggestions are within walking distance of the venue:


The Marylebone Hotel
47 Welbeck Street

Distance from venue: 0.2 miles on foot / roughly 4 minute walk

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The Mandeville Hotel
Mandeville Place

Distance from venue: 0.2 miles on foot / roughly 5 minute walk

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Treehouse Hotel London
14-15 Langham Place

Distance from venue: 0.3 miles on foot / roughly 6 minute walk

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The Langham London
1C Portland Place

Distance from venue: 0.3 miles on foot / roughly 5 minute walk

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Holiday Inn Oxford Circus
57-59 Welbeck St.

Distance from venue: 0.1 miles on foot / roughly 3 minute walk

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The venue location has an extremely good network of tube stations, so if you do decide to stay elsewhere, travelling to the conference won’t be an issue.

What is the closest airport to fly into?

The closest airport to the venue location is London City Airport, however if you are flying in from overseas, it’s likely you’ll arrive at London Heathrow Airport. From Heathrow, it’s a one-hour drive to the venue, with public transport options taking roughly the same amount of time.

Conference Testimonials

Take a look at our reviews from previous conferences over the last few years:

TCM focused events are disappointingly rare in London so I was excited when the Jing Fang conference came to my attention. The level of the keynote speakers was extremely high and I felt I gained something from each talk. Brilliant event, one of the few good TCM conferences, wish there was more.

Suri Dulay

If you think you’ve nothing left to learn, go to one of these conferences. Not only will they humble you, you will come away a better practitioner. It’s good to be reminded that there’s always room for growth.

Anthony Padmore

Met the Phoenix team for the first time at the NADA conference. They know their stuff! And are very friendly indeed. Hope to get a chance to speak to them again soon. Cheers.

Taoi Chen

I went to the Jing Fang conference in 2018 as a complete amateur, hoping to expand my knowledge of TCM. Fast forward three years and I am planning on opening my own clinic. Great option for beginners too, don’t be scared away if you don’t have experience.

Kelly Lewis

Good information. Easy to follow and there was lots of opportunity to ask follow-up questions. I feel like we could have done with an extra day, but that is my only criticism.

Mel Godwin

The thing I would say to anyone considering going to a conference or workshop - BRING A PEN! There is so much awesome information, to get the most from it, you need to write it all down. Treat it as an opportunity to improve yourself professionally and get ready to take a lot of notes.

Renalla Lal

Not much else to say apart from: it was great. Thanks very much. Happy customer.

Tony Hsu

I went to the 2018 Jing Fang conference with two colleagues. Great conference in terms of speakers and information, learnt a lot. Overall pretty good.

Jill Purdy