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Herbal Supplementation for Hay Fever & Allergy Relief

Herbal Supplementation for Hay Fever & Allergy Relief

The height of pollen season is a time that allergy sufferers dread. For many, this can be a miserable time having to deal with seasonal allergies and the symptoms they cause. Hay Fever is driven by antibodies to specific pollens. When pollen enters the eyes, nose or throat-cause a series of reactions leading to our mast cells releasing histamine, which causes a lot of unpleasant symptoms like sneezing and itching.

There are natural ways in which you can help support your defences at this time of year, and alternative therapies can help you aid hayfever relief by offering a great solution to those dreaded symptoms. Natural supplements are an easy and effective way to manage allergies all year long.

Marvellous Mushrooms

Seasonal allergies often stem from an imbalance in the immune system. Mushroom supplements have diverse actions and may address several underlying factors involved in the allergic response. Mushrooms have been found to be immune-modulatory, they may be able to support the immune system to function optimally and potentially lessen our heightened response to allergens providing hay fever relief.

Reishi mushrooms may offer the most benefits for allergy sufferers. It is rich in triterpenoid compounds like lanostan which has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine activity, which may help to stabilise the cells which release histamine. Reishi also contains immune-modulating polysaccharides which may reduce the over-reactiveness of the immune response and down-regulate histamine levels and inflammation.

It’s also important to strengthen other systems in the body which may be linked to allergic responses. Optimal liver functioning is important to clear any leftover histamine from the blood.

If the liver is struggling under the weight of other toxins then histamine won’t be removed and allergies can result. Both Maitake and Reishi are excellent liver tonics and may help to protect and fortify liver function.

Just like mushroom supplements, dietary supplements may also be beneficial at easing hayfever and allergies. Two of the best formulas for potentially aiding hay fever relief are Yu Ping Feng San and Bi Yan Tang, both of which may have anti-inflammatory effects. Both formulas include Fang Feng which is favoured for its ability to dispel wind, cold and damp conditions especially associated with hay fever and allergy relief.

Other formulas that may help allergies are:

  • Ba Zhen Tang
  • Ba Zhen Yi Mu Pian
  • Gui Zhi Tang
  • Li Zhong Tang
  • Long Dan Jie Gan Tang
  • Zhi Bai Di Huang Pian