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Speaker Profile: Professor Guang Ji

Professor Guang Ji

Professor Guang Ji
Professor Guang Ji

President, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Keynote Speech: The Role of Disease Syndrome Combination in Facilitating the Dialogue Between Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine

(7th October ’23)

Key topics

Assessing how disease syndrome combination therapy can strengthen the connection between two different schools of medicine

As President and Doctoral Supervisor of SHUTCM and Chief Physician at its affiliate Longhua Hospital, Professor Ji has published over 300 papers, which in turn have been cited over 4,000 times, making him one of the most highly-cited researchers in China.

Professor Ji has chaired several important National Science and Technology projects, authored five professional guidelines, and coordinated the R&D of multiple novel drug approvals. His considerable clinical experience and robust international network of contacts ensure he is well-placed to explore the potential for disease syndrome combination therapy to bridge the gap between Chinese medicine and western medicine.