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Speaker Profile: Professor Lei Zhang

Professor Lei Zhang

Prof. Lei Zhang 张磊
Prof. Lei Zhang 张磊

Executive Deputy Director of the Collaborative Innovation Centre of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Keynote Speech: Advanced Internet-Based Approach for TCM Healthcare Services

(7th October ’23)

Key topics

Examining the role of technology in modern Chinese medicine

Exploring the pros and cons of using internet-based services for TCM treatments

Professor Lei Zhang is the Chief Researcher & Doctorate Supervisor at SHUTCM. He is vice-chairman of multiple TCM-focused committees and associations, and has a special interest in exploring the integration of modern tech into standard medical methodologies. 

Professor Zhang’s keynote speech explores how practitioners and practices can use data-driven, internet-based services to deliver quality TCM care. In an increasingly digital world, it’s imperative that members of the industry broaden their skillset in line with changes in technology. Advanced Internet-Based Approach for TCM Healthcare Services is an unmissable event for those who wish to stay current when it comes to Chinese medicine.