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Masterclass Host: Professor Qin-Hua Zhang

Professor Qin-Hua Zhang

Director of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department and the Reproductive Department at Shuguang Hospital, affiliated with the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Professor Qin-Hua Zhang


– Leading Talents of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai
– The Fifth Batch of National TCM Clinical Excellent Talents
– Vice-President of Fertility Preservation Committee of China Maternal and Child Health Care Association
– Vice Chairman of Gynaecology Committee of Shanghai Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Member of Reproductive Committee of Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine
– Member of Standing Committee of Gynaecology of Shanghai Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine


Professor Qin-Hua Zhang is an esteemed professor who holds multiple high-level positions at Shuguang Hospital, as well as vice-president and vice-chairman roles for multiple gynaecology and fertility committees. With significant experience in both the clinical and regulatory sectors of women’s healthcare, Professor Zhang’s broad skillset makes her one of the leading figures in the field.

Professor Zhang specialises in infertility treatment with a combination of Chinese medicine and IVF; this interdisciplinary versatility is present across most of her areas of expertise, from premature ovarian failure to menopausal syndrome. In her workshop, Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Assisted Reproductive Technology, Professor Zhang will conduct practical demonstrations of her extremely successful clinical approach.

Masterclass: Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Assisted Reproductive Technology

Key learning outcomes

– Understanding and history of infertility in Chinese medicine
– The challenges of modern assisted reproductive technology
– How Chinese medicine improves seed quality (egg quality in elderly women is improved)
– How Chinese medicine improves soil quality (improvement of endometrial receptivity)
– How Chinese medicine improves the climate and environment
– The miraculous effect of traditional Chinese medicine in foetal protection