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Speaker Profile: Professor Xue-Yong Shen

Professor Xue-Yong Shen

Professor Xue-Yong Shen

Director of Shanghai Acupuncture Meridian Research Centre

Keynote Speech: Moxibustion – Clinical Use & Action Mechanism

(7th October ’23)

Key topics

Analysing the clinical applications of moxibustion

Exploring the action mechanism behind moxibustion

A pioneer in the field of moxibustion and acupuncture, Professor Xue-Yong Shen is a Tenured Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at SHUTCM. He is also the director of multiple acupuncture-focused organisations, using his considerable experience to help guide the discipline to a higher standard.

Professor Shen was the first to establish the action mechanism of moxibustion, giving us a deeper understanding of an incredibly powerful tool. He also developed the first laser moxibustion device. For those interested in this Chinese medicine treatment, Professor Shen’s keynote speech on the Clinical Use and Action Mechanism behind moxibustion is absolutely unmissable.