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Speaker Profile: Professor Zan-Yu Chen

Professor Zan-Yu Chen

Prof. Zanyu Chen, MB 陈赞育 
Prof. Zanyu Chen, MB 陈赞育

President, Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Keynote Speech: Understanding Classic Chinese Medicine

(7th October ’23)

Key topics

The current state of Chinese medicine in the UK and abroad

How to approach classic Chinese medicine theory in a modern landscape

Professor Zan-Yu Chen is an esteemed Chinese medicine practitioner and academic, with over two decades of clinical experience and a number of top positions at prestigious institutions. As Chief Editor of the Journal of Chinese Medicine in the UK and President of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP) he plays a key role in the promotion and regulation of the industry. 

He is steadfast in his belief that Chinese medicine is the solution to many of the world’s issues, not just healthcare. He feels very strongly that the separation of techniques and methodologies from their roots of classical Chinese medicine roots is something that must be fought against. Professor Chen will explore these timely subjects and more in his talk, Understanding Classic Chinese Medicine.