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Chinese Medicine & Human Health Conference 2023

CCMUK announces the first annual Chinese Medicine & Human Health Conference

The UK Centre of Chinese Medicine (CCMUK), a not-for-profit organisation created to support the global Chinese medicine community, today announced the first annual Chinese Medicine & Human Health Conference. Taking place at The Royal Society of Medicine in London between 7-8th October 2023, attendees will engage with advanced, cutting-edge theories at the forefront of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a series of talks and workshops led by world-renowned industry experts.  

These expert speakers will explore a number of topics within the context of modern Chinese medicine, including mental health, gynaecology and more. Guests will also gain experiential knowledge in hands-on workshops, trial various products relevant to the treatments discussed and broaden their professional network by connecting with fellow attendees.  

Attendees will have the option of attending the Gala Dinner. This will comprise a stunning gourmet three-course meal, complementary wine, musical accompaniment, and the opportunity to discuss the conference’s major talking points with speakers and like-minded professionals.  

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About CCMUK 

CCMUK is a not-for-profit organisation created to support and uplift the wider Chinese medicine community. It aims to do that by collaborating with other members of the industry, conducting research projects and studies, sharing knowledge through journals, exchange programmes and conferences, whilst providing educational resources to help individuals pursue or advance a career in Chinese medicine. 

CCMUK aims to act as a central hub for Chinese medicine, providing information, support, opportunities for scientific research, academic education, the exchange of clinical skills, and the incubation and implementation of projects relevant to the field.