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How to Store Dried Herbs & Concentrated Granules

How to Store: Dried Herbs & Concentrated Granules

The majority of Chinese herbs and granules have a shelf-life of 3-4 years, so it is essential that they are stored correctly to ensure they last. Factors such as the amount of moisture, sunlight, temperature, and oxygen can cause dry herbs and concentrated herbal granules to expire or spoil faster than desired. Storing them correctly is imperative to ensure the herbs do not lose any potency or grow mould.  

Storing Dry Herbs 

Plants are living things and they should be treated with respect! This means that extra care must be taken to prolong the shelf life of the non-sulphur treated herbs supplied by CCMUK partners. To ensure your herbs stay fresher for longer, it is paramount that the herbs are stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Ensure lids are closed tightly to avoid contact with moisture. It is good practice to check your herb stock once a week to guarantee the condition has not been compromised.  

Storing Concentrated Herbal Granules  

The highest quality concentrated granules are typically produced with just 5-10% of food-safe binder maltodextrin, which prevents the granules from clumping. This is a very small amount of binder and does not guarantee that clumping will not occur. 

It is essential to store your concentrated herbal granules in a cool, dry place, away from directed sunlight and moisture. It’s good practice to check all lids at the end of the day to ensure they are tightly closed and shaking all pots at least once a week to loosen any clumps. 

To ensure there is no moisture trapped inside, those who practice Chinese medicine can place a food-safe desiccant packet inside the granule pots. Silica gel packets are readily available to purchase on the internet and can help to keep the granules fresh and moisture-free. Another solution is placing a bag of rice or dried beans in your granule cupboard. This can also help to absorb any additional moisture.